CAREER   PROFILE                

MBA   Finance candidate with experience in early-stage investment, digital ecosystems, financial   analysis, and underwriting procedures on a fixed-income trading floor.   Managed documentation for the sale and distribution of municipal bonds.   Skilled in evaluation of financial reports, industry data, and economic   conditions in a high-pressure team oriented environment. Extensive background   in excel modeling, market research, and financial statement review. Strong   work ethic with deep passion for capital markets.




BAYLOR UNIVERSITY, Hankamer   School of Business - Waco,   Texas


Master of Business Administration, Full - Time Program


·       GPA 3.90/4.00


·         MBA Case Competition Team –   2013 Big 12 Champions, Best Q&A University   of Illinois  


UNIVERSITY   OF NORTH TEXAS, College of Business   - Denton, Texas


Bachelor of Business Administration


·       Senior Adviser in Portfolio Management Committee


·       Member of Student Investment Group and Real Estate Club




Kinsman Ventures – Plano,   Texas                                                                                                    


 Private Equity Firm


·       Constructed multi-stage   restructuring model for $9MM loan


·         Researched acquisition targets for potential equity or debt   investment


·       Implemented social media strategies resulting in +30% increase   in traffic


G-51 Capital Management – Austin,   Texas                                                                                                    


 Venture Capital Firm


·       Analyzed over 30 early-stage   technology firms and their market strategies


·         Developed valuation models and financial forecasts for   new venture opportunities


·         Reviewed  potential investments for portfolio   companies within range of $100 to 250K


Baylor Focus Firm Project – Waco,   Texas


 The Coca-Cola Company


·       Created opportunity map for $1B+   product line


·         Studied consumer behavior and emerging market development


·       Presented financial analysis and   business plan to panel of Coca-Cola executives


Southwest Securities - Dallas,   Texas

 Securities Clearing, Retail Brokerage,   Institutional Brokerage and Banking


·       Series 7 & 63 securities licenses acquired within 6 months   of hire


·         Researched US Treasury rates,   municipal-market yields, issuers and debt history


·         Managed municipal   book-running for bond issuances ranging from $1MM-$30MM


·         Supervised filing Issuer   information in accordance with FINRA deadlines and regulations


·         Evaluated credit analysis   from Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch for disbursement to fixed income department


·         Performed multiple transactions involving   buying and selling of municipal bonds for syndicate inventory


Community   Involvement


·       Prison Entrepreneurship Program, Defy Ventures, American Heart   Association, and United Way


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